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Log Saw Horse Holder Folding Metal With Pivoting Chainsaw Clamp

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Product Code:CT5658

The chainsaw must be pushed up against the clamp to ensure stability when using the saw horse.
Please note this item does not include the chainsaw as it is for illustration purposes only.
This sawhorse includes a chainsaw holder enabling easy and safe cutting of logs as your chainsaw is supported and easily clamped into the saw horse allowing you to log for longer periods of time by lowering fatigue levels.
Kickback problems disappear as with the the chainsaw clamped to the saw horse and the top of the guide bar covered it makes it incredibly safe to use.
With an adjustable measuring bar you are able to cut the same depth of log every time, ideal for stacking by the fireplace.
The sawhorse folds away for easy storage and will suit most small to mid range chainsaws.
A spanner is included to adjust the measuring bar.
This is a self assembly item and comes complete with user and assembly instructions.
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