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Blind Hole Bearing Puller Set

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Case Qty:4

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Product Code:CT3245

shaft: slide hammer shaft 390mm/L
hammer WG.100mml/L-2.15LB(940g)
8mm 5/16'' to 13/32''(8-10mm)
10mm 13/32'' to 15/32''(10-12mm)
12mm 15/32'' to 9/16''(12-14mm)
15mm 19/32'' to 11/16''(15-17mm)
17mm 11/16'' to 25/32'' (17-20mm)
20mm 25/32'' to 15/16'' (20-24mm)
25mm 1'' to 1-1/8'' (25-29mm)
30mm 1-3/16'' to 1-1/4'' (30-32mm)
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